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Get ready for the Kentucky Elk's Association

We will be welcoming in our New State President
Pat Fletcher and his wife Donna.
Saying good bye to our current State President
Richard Moore and his wife Jane.
See you in Louisville, check out the Elks News page
for more details.

Great News for Kids with Cancer our State Major Project!

We have a new way to generate funds for this worthy cause.
For anyone who has a Kroger Card or you can sign up for one at your local Kroger store.  It only takes a few minutes to register for a card or set your card to your preferred charity "Kids with Cancer".

The Committee will receive our “percentage” of $750,000.00 each quarter.  I am sure that this is a nationwide promotion with thousands of approved organizations.  But, if we get $500 per quarter, that’s $500 we didn’t have!

You can read all the terms and conditions by visiting www.kroger.com click on Community, then Community rewards in the “drop down” area.  Look for the orange button at the bottom that says “Create an Account”.

What a great way to start the New Year!




 Welcome to Kentucky home of some of the Best People On Earth! 

The Benevolent Protective Order Of Elks 



 Kids with Cancer Our State Major Project


We are currently accepting applications for Grants to help families who are in need of assistance. 

Grant application for Kids with Cancer             











Introducing Kentucky's
State President and First Lady

Richard and Jane Moore



I have incorporated in my state pin the KY State Motto this year.  
"United we stand, Divided we fall".  The exalted Ruler must be a pioneer in obtaining new membership and a statesman in promoting activities to keep membership involved.  I hope with everyone's help we will have another successful year!
As we enter into the Holiday Season we remember our Veteran's and their family's as well as those in need.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Richard Moore
Kentucky State President
 email StatePresident@kyelks.org





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